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About TripleRPhotography

Well, I should introduce myself. I don’t know how many folks will visit this web site that don’t already know me, but for those of you that do happen upon this site and get curious enough, this is my About Me page.

I’m Reed R. Radcliffe – 3 R’s – get it? TRIPLE R Photography? Just seemed to make sense at the time I made it up. I live in Sunset Hills, Missouri – born in Chicago and grew up in Kirkwood, Missouri – just a couple miles from where I am now. I joined the Navy way back when and vowed never to come back to Missouri, at least to live.

So much for vows! I came back one time too many and found my high school sweetheart. In 1995 we got married, two years later I retired from the Navy and returned to St. Louis. I got a job with a major health care system here in Missouri – BJC HealthCare – worked there for about 13 years before they got so corporate that it wasn’t fun anymore.

I used the computer skills I learned while I was in the Navy to get that job, and the leadership skills I developed there to keep it, but I found my skills were no longer valued, so I left for a more, shall we say, stress-free life. I’ve retired twice now.

Fortunately I have a knack for learning things and being able to do them at least as good as the next guy, and sometimes much better. I also have a knack for turning those things into (at least partial) employment and some income. My high school sweetheart gave me a Nikon digital SLR camera some years back, a Christmas present which I doubt she understood how it would change our lives. I always loved photography, I always was the one taking the photos, too, but I never knew how much more fun it could be with the right tools. Now I have four Nikon DSLR cameras – that first D300, a D7000, a D800 and a D750. I bought a D7000 for backup and to use when I had to send the D300 in for repairs and I bought the D750 when I had to send the D800 in for repairs. Now the D800 is my backup camera and I absolutely wore out the D7000, which spurred me into moving into a more professional range of camera & lens combination. I still keep that D300, too, as it has been a great camera. They are all wonderful, but that full frame and built in leveling in the D800 moved me up to the next level in quality.

Anyway, I found my passion for photography even more compelling than ever with this equipment.

I tend to combine my hobbies, passions and jobs. Things I am interested in seem to run together, gel into other activities and become passions of their own.

Even before I joined the Navy I was into old stuff. Antiques, collectibles – I used to dig for old bottles in 100 year old trash dumps and collected Mason jars for years. I still collect them, but my original collection burned in a fire while I was at sea. This passion for old things and antiques followed me around my whole life. Shortly after joining the Navy I discovered computers. I always had a camera of one sort or another. When I discovered eBay, all my hobbies gelled into one! I built a computer to sell old stuff on eBay. Of course, you must have a digital camera to take photos of all that old stuff, too! I did that as a hobby for years.

I also love music, especially the Blues. I have always taken photos of the music when I could, some folks told me they liked how they came out. One day a guy named Robby Z e-mailed me to ask permission to use my photograph of Shane Dwight on Shane’s upcoming DVD. That changed the way I looked at shooting musicians! Now my photography and passion for music has come together, and of course I am still using the computer in that part, too. You, my new friend, would not be here if not for the computer…

So, basically, I am a computer geek and a camera geek. Let me know if you need me to fix your computer, shoot a house for you or if I can photograph your gig somewhere. I can also hold an estate sale if you have that need! Call 314.276.7481.

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